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Research Facilities and Services

The members of our department have a variety of excellent facilities at their disposal.

School of Chemical Sciences Facilities

We also have an newly remodeled and excellent School of Chemical Sciences Library for all our needs regarding books, journals and papers.

The SCS Academic Advising Office and the Career Consulting and Placement Services Office assists our undergraduate and graduate students with the next steps in their career upon graduation.

Other University of Illinois Research Facilities

Some of the greatest assets to researchers at Illinois are the extensive research facilities. This set of research facilities has no equal in the United States, and many of them bring together faculty from different departments to foster interdisciplinary research.

Many of our faculty participate in these centers, including:

Arnold O. and Mabel M. Beckman
Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Participating faculty: Kenis, Leckband, Rao
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary research institute devoted to leading-edge research in the physical sciences, computation, engineering, biology, behavior, cognition, and neuroscience. The Institute's mission is to foster interdisciplinary work of the highest quality, transcending limitations inherent in traditional university organizations and structures. Research is focused around biological intelligence, human-computer intelligent interaction and molecular and electronic nanostructures.

Roy G. Carver Biotechnology Center

The Roy G. Carver Biotechnology Center is an interdisciplinary program that includes 127 faculty members from the colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences; Veterinary Medicine; Engineering; Medicine; and Applied Health Studies; and the Beckman Institute. Its primary mission is to augment research in biotechnology at the University of Illinois. The center provides genomic and proteomic research services to more than 221 principal investigators on campus representing six colleges and 38 departments as well as numerous off-campus projects.

Institute for Genomic Biology

Participating faculty: Harley, Kenis, Kong, Leckband, Rao, Zhao
The mission of the Institute for Genomic Biology is to advance life sciences research and stimulate bio-economic development in the state of Illinois. The Institute houses three cross-cutting program areas: systems biology, cellular and metabolic engineering and genome technology. Significant problems facing humanity will be addressed, such as stabilizing the biosphere, managing new and emerging pests and pathogens, and maintaining an abundant and healthy food supply.

Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory

Participating faculty: Harley, Kenis, Leckband, Kong, Kraft
The Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research facility in Engineering at Illinois that houses advanced equipment to support research in photonics, microelectronics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. The research activities that are facilitated by the laboratory can be divided into four areas: optoelectronics and photonic systems, microelectronics for wireless communications, microelectromechanical systems, and nanobiosystems.

National Center for Supercomputing (NCSA)

Participating faculty: Higdon
The National Center for Supercomputing Applications provides powerful computers and expert support that help thousands of scientists and engineers across the country improve our world. Researchers simulate how galaxies collide, how proteins fold and how molecules move through the wall of a cell, how tornadoes and hurricanes form, and other complex natural and engineered phenomena. NCSA is at the forefront of supercomputing technology and applies the power of supercomputers, high-speed networking, and virtual reality to the needs of society.

Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory (FS-MRL)

Participating faculty: Kenis, Seebauer, Yang, Flaherty, Kraft, and Schroeder
The Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory fosters interdisciplinary research at the forefront of materials science. It brings together world-class faculty and students in condensed matter physics, materials chemistry, and materials science in a highly collaborative research environment. The facility is a U.S. Department of Energy national facility.


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