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Checklist for Biomolecular Engineering Concentration, Fall 2012

For the B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering with a Concentration in Biomolecular Engineering

Fall 2012

CHEMISTRY (27 hours)
  1General Chemistry
    CHEM 202__(3)  CHEM 203__(2)  CHEM 204__(3) CHEM 205__(2)
  Organic Chemistry
    CHEM 236__(4) CHEM 237__(2) MCB 450__(3)
  Analytical Chemistry
    CHEM 315__(2) CHEM 420__(2)
  Physical Chemistry
    CHEM 442__(4)
MATHEMATICS (17 hours)
  Calculus, Analytic Geometry & Linear Algebra
    2MATH 221__(4) MATH 231__(3) MATH 241_(4) MATH 415__(3)
  Differential Equations
    3MATH 285__(3)
4PHYSICS (10 hours)
    PHYS 211__(4) PHYS 212__(4) PHYS 214__(2)
STATISTICS (3 hours)
    IE 300__(3)
    CS 101__(3)
    5CHBE 121__(1) CHBE 221__(3) CHBE 321__(4) CHBE 421__(4) CHBE 422_(4) CHBE 424__(4) 6,7CHBE 430__(4) 6,7CHBE 431__(4) CHBE 440__(3)
    5ENG 100__(0)
8TECHNICAL ELECTIVES from approved list (19 hours)
    8a Any course from Category A    (9)__
    8bAny course from Category B (6)__
    8c Any course from List 2  (4)__
RHETORIC (4 hours)
    RHET 105 __(4) OR SPCOM 111 and 112__(6)
  Humanities from LAS lists for
    Literature and the Arts OR
Historical and Philosophical Perspectives __(6)
  Social Science from LAS lists for
    Social Perspectives OR
Behavioral Sciences __(6)
  Other Humanities or Social Science from any of the LAS lists
  Western Cultures __(3)
  Non-Western/US Minority Cultures __(3)
  10Foreign Languages


  1. Students who do not place into CHEM 202 or who do not satisfy the mathematics prerequisite for CHEM 202 may substitute the sequence CHEM 102, 103, 104, 105, 222 and 223 for CHEM 202, 203, 204, and 205.
  2. MATH 220 — Calculus may be substituted, with four of the five credit hours applying toward the degree. Math 220 is appropriate for students with no background in calculus.
  3. MATH 385 has been renumbered as MATH 285. MATH 441 may be substituted for MATH 285. MATH 286 (4 hours) may be substituted for MATH 285. The additional credit hour earned for MATH 286 will be counted as a Category B Biomolecular Engineering Technical Elective hour.
  4. Under no circumstances will PHYS 101-102 be accepted as a substitute for any part of the physics sequence.
  5. The CHBE 121 and ENG 100 requirement will be waived for students who transfer into the chemical engineering curriculum after their freshman year. Under no circumstances will this requirement be waived for students who are in the chemical engineering curriculum during their freshman year.
  6. Enrollment in CHBE 430 is limited. Thus CHBE 430 may need to be taken in the second semester and CHBE 431 and/or additional electives taken in the first semester instead. Students in their final semester will have priority for getting into CHBE 430 and CHBE 431.
  7. The sequence CHBE 430 and CHBE 431 satisfies the General Education Advanced Composition requirement.
  8. At least 18 hours must be selected from the departmentally approved List of Approved Biomolecular Engineering Technical Electives Categories A and B and List 2, satisfying these distribution requirements:
    1. 9 hours must be from Category A
    2. 6 hours must be from Category B
    3. 4 hours must be from List 2

    If you have taken STAT 400 prior to Summer 2009, you do not need to take IE 300. A maximum of 3 hours from Category A may be undergraduate research credit. A maximum of 9 total hours of undergraduate research may be counted toward technical elective credit. The List of Approved Biomolecular Engineering Technical Electives can also be obtained in Room 99 RAL .

  9. At least 16 hours must be taken. All Campus General Education requirements must be satisfied, including those in approved course work in the Humanities/Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Cultural Studies, including the Western, Non-Western and/or U.S. Minorities components. The requirements for the Campus General Education categories Natural Sciences/Technology, Quantitative Reasoning I and II, Composition I, and Advanced Composition are fulfilled through required course work in the curriculum.
  10. Three semesters of college credit in one foreign language is required. Three years of high school credit in one foreign language are equivalent to three semesters of college credit and satisfy the requirement.

Additional Notes

Substitutions other than those described in the notes above will not normally be accepted. Any exceptions must be approved by the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. A student requesting an exception may submit a petition to the department. Fill out the petition form, have your advisor sign it, and submit it. The petition form can also be obtained in 290 RAL.

updated March 2011