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Of the four-semester programs, Program A is strongly recommended. This is because if you follow Program B, and do not take CHBE 221 (Introduction to Chemical Engineering, normally a first semester sophomore course) until your first Fall Semester, you will be two full semesters behind most other chemical engineering juniors. This means that you will have to take very heavy course loads, and take courses out of their normal sequence.
For instance, in Program B you must take CHBE 221 and CHBE 421 concurrently, while normally CHBE 221 is taken before CHBE 421. This means that you may be at a competitive disadvantage in CHBE 421, since most other students in the class will have already had CHBE 221. By taking CHBE 221 in your first Summer Session, you will be only one semester behind in chemical engineering courses. You will be able to schedule your remaining chemical engineering courses in a normal sequence, and you can significantly reduce the course load during your four full semesters here.
The chemical engineering program is highly competitive. We believe transfer students who follow Program A and take CHBE 221 right away will substantially improve their chances of successfully completing the program. Students unable to follow Program A should strongly consider the five-semester Program C leading to graduation in two and a half years.

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