Congratulations to 2016-2017 graduate fellowship recipients

Every year outstanding graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are recognized for their achievements with a variety of fellowships. Congratulations to the following recipients. Faculty advisors are listed in parentheses.

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow
Daniel Bregante (David Flaherty)

National Institutes of Health—Chemistry Biology Interface Traineeship
Katelyn Dahlke (Charles Sing)

National Institutes of Health—Tissue Microenvironment Traineeship
Jee-wei Chen (Brendan Harley)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Elizabeth Horstman (Paul Kenis)
Mai Ngo (Brendan Harley)
Megan Witzke (David Flaherty)

U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science—Graduate Student Research Fellow
Thao Ngo (Hong Yang)

Sloan Scholar
Jason Madinya (Deborah Leckband/Charles Sing)

Illinois Sloan Scholar
Isamar Pastrana-Otero (Mary Kraft)
Aleczandria Tiffany (Brendan Harley)

University Block Grant Fellowship
Girija Bodhankar (Christopher Rao)
Gavin Donley (Simon Rogers)
Charles Young (Charles Sing)

College of Engineering Mavis Future Faculty Fellow
Elizabeth Horstman (Paul Kenis)

College of Engineering Support for Underrepresented Groups in Engineering (SURGE)
Elizabeth Horstman (Paul Kenis)
Uzoma Nwabara (Paul Kenis)
Raul Sun Han Chang (Brendan Harley)

Graduate College Fellow
Jason Madinya (Deborah Leckband/Charles Sing)

Graduate College Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Yung-Tin Pan (Hong Yang)

3M Fellow
Behnam Enghiad (Huimin Zhao)
Zahra Shamsi (Diwakar Shukla)
Yajie Wang (Huimin Zhao)

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Research Fellowship
Kai-Wen Hsiao (Charles Schroeder)
Ge Qu (Ying Diao)
Dylan Walsh (Damien Guironnet)

Dow Chemical Company Fellow
Sumit Verma (Paul Kenis)
Neil Wilson (David Flaherty)

Harry G. Drickamer Fellow
Geethika Yalamanchili (Christopher Rao)

DuPont Science and Engineering Fellow
Yelena Ilin (Mary Kraft)
Jeremy Schieferstein (Paul Kenis)

Merck Fellow
Alexander Horn (Damien Guironnet)
Uzoma Nwabara (Paul Kenis)

Samuel W. Parr Fellow
Jason Adams (David Flaherty)
Daniel Davies (Ying Diao)
Anshu Deewan (Christopher Rao)
Yu-Tong Hong (Hyunjoon Kong)
Bijal Patl (Ying Diao)
Abinaya Sampath (David Flaherty)
Nicholas Troescher (Jonathan Higdon)
Michael Tu (Charles Schroeder)

A.T. Widiger Fellowship
Hyunjoong Tim Chung (Ying Diao)
Zahra Shamsi (Diwakar Shukla)