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Assistant Professor Kong publishes innovation of patch in Advanced Materials

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Assistant Professor Hyunjoon Kong, along with Graduate Student Ross DeVolder and other collaborators, have developed a patch that will help treat cardiovascular disease.

Hyunjoon Kong
Hyunjoon Kong

They developed an angiogenic microfiber patch that releases angiogenic growth factors along aligned fibers and subsequently directs the spacing and orientation of mature and functional neovessels. The angiogenic microfiber patch was prepared by electrostatically binding electrosprayed angiogenic growth factor-encapsulating polymeric microparticles with electrospun polymeric microfibers. The microparticles released the angiogenic growth factors in a sustained manner, while the straightly aligned polymeric fibers guided cells to adhere along their orientation.

“The patch will be highly useful in treating cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death and disability of people all over the world,” Kong said.

Their work was reported in Advanced Materials in late July.

Kong's patch
Kong’s patch
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