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Chemical Engineering senior named Engineer of the Week

The University of Illinois College of Engineering just featured Chemical Engineering senior Chang Yup Seo as one of their “Engineers of the Week.”

A poster featuring him is hanging in Engineering Hall.

The following information about Seo was featured on the poster:

Hometown: Suwon, Korea

Campus Involvement: Research on V2O5 catalyst, Teaching Assistant

Favorite Class and Why: CHEM 442 and 444 – Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: I might have learned something, ABE 488 – This class is just cool. I get to read a book named “The Alcohol Textbook”, CHEM 205 – I like this class only because I survived through the “Cobalt Lab.”

What I Want to Do with my Degree: I would like to go to a graduate school to earn a PhD. I know it sounds fun.

Engineering Awards and Honors: Departmental Scholarships – Ulyott Scholarship Award, – Chester Hannum Scholarship Award, – Franklin A. Boyle Scholarship Award, James Scholar, Dean’s List

Hobbies: Badminton – I can never become as good as Chinese players, sigh, live plant aquarium management = killing many snails, cooking

Interesting Anecdote: During the spring break of 2009, my friend and I had no place to go (sadly). We decided to stay at ISR for the whole break. If you have stayed at school for a break, you know that there is literally nothing to do. I mean nothing. So, we decided to do an experiment on ourselves with the topic of: Can a person die from sleeping too much? It took a few days until we figured out that the answer is no. The side effect: my friend and I had to sleep 20 hours per day at the end of the break.

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