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Chemical Engineering student one of five recipients for 2013 ASEE-ERM Apprentice Faculty Grant

Chemical Engineering doctoral student Kathryn Trenshaw is one of five students to receive a 2013 Apprentice Faculty Grant from the Education Research and Methods (ERM) Division of the American Society for Engineering (ASEE).

Trenshaw says she is honored to receive this award and to pursue engineering education.

Kathryn Trenshaw
Kathryn Trenshaw

“Having a mentor through the ASEE ERM Apprentice Faculty Grant will provide me with the final piece in my engineering education network,” she said. “I know there were many applicants for the five grant awards that were made, and I feel very honored and lucky to be one of those chosen five.”

Trenshaw received her bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri. She then came to the University of Illinois to pursue graduate work in chemical engineering. Her advisor is Michael C. Loui, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

“I chose chemical engineering because my undergraduate research focused on renewable energy, specifically solar cells and spent nuclear fuel recycling, and chemical engineering seemed like the prime mover for those types of technologies,” she said.

Trenshaw is part of two research projects; one is to increase engineering students’ intrinisic motivation (IM) to learn through IM-supportive course conversions. “If I could help both students and professors engage in intrinsically motivated discussions and interactions around engineering in the classroom, I feel that would be a valuable contribution to engineering education,” she said.

Her second research project is investigating the climate in engineering for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. “I want to address the oppression and exclusion that exists in engineering directed at LGBT students specifically, not only for myself, but for the LGBT engineers I have known and for future LGBT students who may choose engineering as their major field of study.”

Trenshaw will receive her award at the ASEE annual conference that will take place in June in Atlanta, Georgia.

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