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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Congratulations to Prapti Kafle and Diao Group, Science Image Challenge winner

Congratulations to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate student Prapti Kafle and the Diao Group for winning the Science Image Challenge award!

The annual research image competition is organized by the School of Chemical Sciences’ Viz Lab. Winners were honored at the SCS VizLab Open House on Dec. 14.

Kafle’s image is called, “Colors of Nature.” Here’s the description: Cross-polarized microscopy image of multilayered film consisting of alternate layers of an anti-cancer drug ellipticine and an edible polysaccharide polymer, pullulan. The nanothin film, produced by successive shearing of the drug and polymer solutions on silicon, embraces a magnificent morphology with needles and spherulites, that evokes colorful elements of nature unique to spectator’s imagination.”

The Diao Lab pursues fundamental understanding and control of molecular assembly processes to advance innovations in printed electronics for energy and healthcare.

“Colors of Nature,” the 2017 Science Image Challenge Winner, by Prapti Kafle-Diao Group

Congratulations also to graduate student Bo Li with the Schroeder Group. His image “Supramolecular Fibers” was a finalist.

“Supramolecular Fibers,” Science Image Challenge finalist, by Bo Li-Schroeder Group

“AFM image of self-assembled supramolecular fibers consisting of pi-conjugated oligopeptide. Upon fast evaporation of polar solvent, synthetic pi-conjugated oligopeptides spontaneously self-assembled into supramolecular fibers due to directional hydrogen bonding and pi-pi stacking interactions.”

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