Faculty Awards and Honors

Faculty Awards and Recognitions

Our award-winning faculty have been honored for their dedication to research, education, and public engagement by numerous societies and organizations. Each of these awards represents not only the personal achievements of our faculty but also the collaborative spirit of our department and countless collaborators, partners, mentors, and students. 

National and International 

National Academy of Engineering, Member

Charles F. Zukoski (2007)
Richard C. Alkire (1988)
Harry G. Drickamer* (1979)
Walter G. May* (1978)
Thomas J. Hanratty* (1974)
James W. Westwater* (1974)

National Academy of Sciences, Member

Steve Granick (2015)
Thomas Hanratty* (1999)
Harry G. Drickamer* (1965)
Roger Adams* (1929)

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow

Hong Yang (2015)
Brendan A. Harley (2014)
Huimin Zhao (2010)
William S. Hammack (2008)
Edmund G. Seebauer (2007)
Deborah E. Leckband (2005)
Richard C. Alkire (1996)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow

Kenneth Schweizer (2021)
Thomas Hanratty* (1997)

American Physical Society, Fellow

William S. Hammack (2009)
Edmund G. Seebauer (2008)
Kenneth S. Schweizer (1996)
Steve Granick (1992)

American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Fellow

Brendan Harley (2019)
Hyunjoon Kong (2017)
Huimin Zhao (2009)
Deborah E. Leckband (2005)

Biomedical Engineering Society, Fellow

Brendan Harley (2021)
Deborah E. Leckband (2014)

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Fellow

Edmund G. Seebauer (2011)

American Vacuum Society, Fellow

Edmund G. Seebauer, 2001

American Chemical Society, Fellow

Deborah E. Leckband (2009)

U.S. Department of State, Jefferson Fellow

William S. Hammack (2005-2006)

ACS Exxon Fellow in Solid State Chemistry

William S. Hammack (1992)


Xiao Su (2019)
Simon Rogers (2019)
Diwakar Shukla (2018)
Ying Diao (2018)
Charles E. Sing (2017)
David W. Flaherty (2016)
Andrew L. Ferguson (2013)
Brendan A. Harley (2013)
Charles M. Schroeder (2013)
Hyun Joon Kong (2009)
Christopher V. Rao (2007)
Paul J.A. Kenis (2006)
Hong Yang (2005)
Huimin Zhao (2004)
Deborah E. Leckband (1995)

NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award

Edmund G. Seebauer (1988)
Charles F. Zukoski (1986)
Jonathan J.L. Higdon (1984)

NSF Award for Special Creativity 

Steve Granick (1993, 2012)

NAE U.S. Frontiers of Engineering

Charles Sing (2018)
Ying Diao (2017)
Brendan Harley (2016)
Charles M. Schroeder (2012)
Huimin Zhao (2009)
Paul J. A. Kenis (2008)


Deborah E. Leckband (1994)

NIH Pathway to Independence Award

Charles M. Schroeder (2006-2011)

AIChE 35 Under 35 Award in the Chemicals & Materials category

Charles Sing (2020)

AIChE ComMSEF Impact Award

Baron Peters (2019)

AIChE ComMSEF Young Investigator Award for Modeling & Simulation

Diwakar Shukla (2018)

AIChE Biotechnology Progress Award for Excellence in Biological Engineering Publication

Huimin Zhao (2017)

AIChE CAST (Computing and Systems Technology) Outstanding Young Researcher Award

Christopher V. Rao (2012)

AIChE 100 Engineers of the Modern Era

Charles F. Zukoski (2008)

AIChE CAST Directors’ Award

Christopher V. Rao (2008)

AIChE W. David Smith Graduate Publication Award

Christopher V. Rao (2007)

AIChE Alpha Chi Sigma Award

Charles F. Zukoski (2002)

AIChE Service to Society Award

William S. Hammack (2002)

AIChE Ernest Thiele Award

Thomas J. Hanratty* (1986)

AIChE Professional Progress Award

Richard C. Alkire (1985)
Thomas J. Hanratty* (1967)

AIChE Walker Award

Thomas J. Hanratty* (1964)

AIChE Colburn Award

Thomas J. Hanratty* (1957)

ACS Langmuir Lectureship Award

Deborah E. Leckband (2021)

ACS PMSE Young Investigator Symposium Speaker

Charles Sing (2020)

ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry Victor K. LaMer Award

Xiao Su (2020)

ACS Catalysis ACS Early Career Advisory Board

David W. Flaherty (2019)

ACS Polymer Materials Young Investigator Award

Damien Guironnet (2019)

ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

Diwakar Shukla (2018)

ACS Marvin Johnson Award in Microbial and Biochemical Technology

Huimin Zhao (2018)

ACS Joel Henry Hildebrand Award in the Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry of Liquids

Kenneth S. Schweizer (2015)

John Wiley & Sons and ACS Division of Biochemical Technology, Elmer Gaden Award

Huimin Zhao (2014)

ACS, Petroleum Research Fund New Investigator Award 

Simon Rogers (2018)
David Flaherty (2013)

ACS National Award in Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Steve Granick (2013)

ACS Division of Biochemical Technology Young Investigator Award

Huimin Zhao (2008)

ACS James T. Grady-James H. Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public

William S. Hammack (2004)

ACS Ralph K. Iler Award, Chemistry of Colloidal Materials

Charles F. Zukoski (1997)

ACS E.V. Murphee Award in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Richard C. Alkire (1991)

ECS Energy Technology Division Research Award

Paul J. A. Kenis (2020)

ECS Fellow

Richard C. Alkire (1992)

ECS Vittorio de Nora Award

Richard C. Alkire (2005)

ECS Edward Goodrich Acheson Medal

Richard C. Alkire (1996)

ECS Carl Wagner Memorial Award

Richard C. Alkire (1985)

APS Polymer Physics Prize

Steve Granick (2009)
Kenneth S. Schweizer (2008)

APS Dillon Medal in Polymer Physics

Kenneth S. Schweizer (1991)

Society of Rheology, Arthur B. Metzner Early Career Award

Charles M. Schroeder (2012)

Society of Rheology, Publication Award

Charles F. Zukoski (1996)

American Society for Engineering Education, The President’s Award

William S. Hammack (2003)

American Society for Engineering Education, Senior Research Award 

Thomas J. Hanratty* (1979)

American Society for Engineering Education, Curtis McGraw Award

Thomas J. Hanratty* (1963)

International Society of Electrochemistry, ISE-Elsevier Prize for Green Electrochemistry

Xiao Su (2021) 

Journal of Physical Chemistry and PHYS Division Lectureship Award

Diwakar Shukla (2021)

Society For Biomaterials (SFB), Clemson Award for Basic Research

Brendan A. Harley (2021)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Ralph Coats Roe Medal

William S. Hammack (2020)

Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, Charles Thom Award

Huimin Zhao (2016)

American Vacuum Society, Prairie Chapter, Early Career Award

Ying Diao (2019)
David W. Flaherty (2018)
Mary L. Kraft (2015)

Biomedical Engineering Society, CMB Meeting Rising Star

Brendan A. Harley (2015)

American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Walter A. Shaw Young Investigator Award in Lipid Research

Mary L. Kraft (2014)

Society For Biomaterials, Young Investigator Award

Brendan A. Harley (2014)

American Cancer Society of Illinois, President’s Award for Research

Brendan A. Harley (2011)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Edwin F. Church Medal

William S. Hammack (2002)

National Association of Science Writers, Science in Society Award

William S. Hammack (2002)

Eastman Foundation Distinguished Lecturer in Catalysis

David W. Flaherty (2021)

National Science Board, Public Service Award

William S. Hammack (2021)

Scialog Collaborative Innovation Awards

Xiao Su (2020)

NASA Early Career Faculty Award

Ying Diao (2020)

Herbert Hoover Medal

William S. Hammack (2020)

Engineering Conferences International Enzyme Engineering Award

Humin Zhao (2019)

Carl Sagan Award for the Public Appreciation of Science

William S. Hammack (2019)

Department of Energy, Early Career Award

David W. Flaherty (2019)

Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research

Diwakar Shukla (2017)

3M Non-tenured/Young Faculty Award

Ying Diao (2018)
Paul J. A. Kenis (2001-2005)

Forbes “30 Under 30” Science

Charles E. Sing (2015)

Paris-Sciences Medal, City of Paris

Steve Granick (2014, 2002)

IChemE North America, Young Chemical Engineer of the Year

Andrew L. Ferguson (2013)

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Teacher/Scholar Award

Charles M. Schroeder (2013)
William S. Hammack (1993)

Guggenheim Foundation, Fellowship

Huimin Zhao (2012)

Korean Institute for Chemical Engineers, President Young Investigator Award

Hyunjoon Kong (2011)

David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Packard Fellowship

Charles M. Schroeder (2011)

Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Career Award at the Scientific Interface

Mary L. Kraft (2007-2011)

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Innovation in Biotechnology Award

Diwakar Shukla (2011)

Science Online, First Prize (Video)

William S. Hammack (2011)

College of Engineering, Villanova University, J. Stanley Morehouse Memorial Award

Thomas J. Hanratty* (2009)

Genome Technology, Tomorrow’s PIs

Charles M. Schroeder (2008)

American Heart Association, Scientist Development Grant

Hyunjoon Kong (2008)

Chinese National Science Foundation,
Outstanding Overseas Young Chinese Scholars Award

Huimin Zhao (2007)

DuPont Young Investigator Award

Huimin Zhao (2005)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering the Public Understanding of the Profession

William S. Hammack (2004)

American Institute of Physics, Science Writing Award in Broadcast Media

William S. Hammack (2004)

National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Silver Reel for National News & Commentary

William S. Hammack (2003)

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Lifetime National Associate for extraordinary contributions 

Richard C. Alkire (2002)

Dow Chemical Company, Special Recognition Award

Huimin Zhao (1999, 2000)

Department of Energy, Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement in Materials Chemistry

Kenneth S. Schweizer (1996)

Institution of Chemical Engineers, Moulton Medal

Charles F. Zukoski (1996)

Semiconductor Research Corporation, Inventor Recognition Award

Edmund G. Seebauer (1995)

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Fellowship

Diwakar Shukla (2019)
Ying Diao (2018)
Edmund G. Seebauer (1994)

R&D Magazine, R&D 100 Award for Technologically Significant Innovation

Kenneth S. Schweizer (1992)

Sandia National Laboratories, Award for Excellence

Kenneth S. Schweizer (1990)

National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Technical Achievement Award

Richard C. Alkire (1990)

Lafayette College, George Washington Kidd Outstanding Alumnus Award

Richard C. Alkire (1988)

DuPont Young Faculty Award

Edmund G. Seebauer (1988)


University of Illinois

Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Brendan Harley (2017-2018)

List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent

David W. Flaherty
William S. Hammack
Brendan A. Harley
Jonathan J.L. Higdon
Paul J.A. Kenis
Hyun Joon Kong
Mary L. Kraft
Christopher V. Rao
Charles M. Schroeder

University Scholars

Paul J.A. Kenis (2011)
Huimin Zhao (2007)
Deborah E. Leckband (2001)
Steve Granick (1997)
Charles F. Zukoski (1994)
Thomas Hanratty* (1986)

Center for Advanced Study

Damien S. Guironnet (Fellow, 2021-2022)
Brendan A. Harley (Fellow, 2015-2016)
Charles M. Schroeder (Beckman Fellow, 2014)
Hyun Joon Kong (Fellow, 2012-2013)
Paul J. A. Kenis (Beckman Fellow, 2007-2008)
Steve Granick (Associate, 2006)
Huimin Zhao (Beckman Fellow, 2005-2006)
Edmund G. Seebauer (Beckman Associate (2004-2005)
Deborah Leckband (Fellow, 1999)

University of Illinois Campus Distinguished Promotion Award

Ying Diao (2021)
Brendan A. Harley (2018, 2015)
Hyunjoon Kong (2016)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Branding Leadership Award

William S. Hammack (2011)

Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement

Jerrod A. Henderson (2015)

Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence

Brendan Harley (2014)
Kenneth S. Schweizer (2002)
Charles F. Zukoski (1992)

Academy of Excellence in Engineering Education

Damien Guironnet (Collins Scholar, 2014-2015)
Diwakar Shukla (Collins Scholar, 2014-2015)
Charles Sing (Collins Scholar, 2014-2015)
Paul J. A. Kenis (Collins Scholar, 2001)
Huimin Zhao (Collins Scholar, 2001)

Engineering Council Excellence in Advising Award

David W. Flaherty
Kenneth S. Schweizer
Steve Granick
Brendan A. Harley
Jonathan J.L. Higdon
Paul J. A. Kenis
Mary L. Kraft
Charles M. Schroeder
Diwakar Shukla
Edmund G. Seebauer
William S. Hammack
Troy Vogel
Huimin Zhao

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research (formerly the Xerox Award for Faculty Research)

Diwakar Shukla (2020)
Ying Diao (2019)
David W. Flaherty (2018)
Brendan Harley (2018)
Hyun Joon Kong (2016)
Christopher V. Rao (2014)
Charles M. Schroeder (2013)
Hyun Joon Kong (2012)
Paul J. A. Kenis ( 2006)
Huimin Zhao (2005)
Deborah E. Leckband (1998)
Steve Granick (1993)

Tau Beta Pi Daniel C. Drucker Eminent Faculty Award

Kenneth S. Schweizer (2008)

Founder Chair of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Steve Granick (1999-2014)

Donald Burnett Teaching Award, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Kenneth S. Schweizer (1997)

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Brendan Harley (2017-2018)

Prokasy Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Jonathan J. L. Higdon (1988)

Excellence in Teaching Award

Hyunjoon Kong (2020-2021)
Simon Rogers (2019-2020)
Diwakar Shukla (2018-2019)
Charles Sing (2017-2018)
Ying Diao (2016-2017)
Damien Guironnet (2015-2016)
David W. Flaherty (2014-2015)
Mary L. Kraft (2014-2015)
Troy J. Vogel (2014-2015)
Christopher V. Rao (2008)
Paul J. A. Kenis (2006)
William S. Hammack (2005, 2001)
Huimin Zhao (2004)
Edmund G. Seebauer (1996)
Jonathan J.L. Higdon (1984, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998)
Richard C. Alkire (1982, 1988)

Richard C. Alkire Professor/Chair in Chemical Engineering

Hong Yang, Richard C. Alkire Professor (2015–2018)
Hong Yang, Richard C. Alkire Chair (2018–Present)

William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor

Baron G. Peters (2020–Present)
William S. Hammack (2020–Present)
Paul J.A. Kenis (2013–2018)
Charles F. Zukoski (2000–2011)

Dennis and Cathy Houston Professor

Jonathan J. L. Higdon (2013–Present)

Steven L. Miller Chair in Chemical Engineering

Huimin Zhao (2016–Present)

Elio Eliakim Tarika Chair

Paul J.A. Kenis (2018–Present)
Charles F. Zukoski (2011–2012)

Elio Eliakim Tarika Chair Emeritus

Charles F. Zukoski (2012–Present)

James W. Westwater Professor

Edmund G. Seebauer (2006–Present)
Deborah E. Leckband (2004-2006)
Anthony McHugh (2000-2003)
K. Dane Wittrup (1998-1999)
Thomas J. Hanratty* (1986-1998)

G. Ronald and Margaret H. Morris Professor

Kenneth S. Schweizer (2001–Present)

Charles J. and Dorothy G. Prizer Chair Emeritus

Richard C. Alkire

Reid T. Milner Professor

Deborah E. Leckband (2006–Present)

Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professors (LEAP) Scholar

Diwakar Shukla (2021-2022)
Ying Diao (2020-2021)

I.C. Gunsalus Scholar

Ying Diao (2021-2022) 
Brendan A. Harley (2015-2016)

Ray and Beverly Mentzer Faculty Scholar

Charles M. Schroeder (2015–2017)

Donald and Dolores Morris Faculty Scholar

William S. Hammack (2014–2016)

Donald and Dolores Morris Professorial Scholar

William S. Hammack (2018–)

Centennial Scholar

Hyunjoon Kong (2013-2016)

Robert W. Schaefer Scholar

Brendan A. Harley (2016-2019)
Mary L. Kraft (2016-2019)
Christopher V. Rao (2012-2017)

Helen Corley Petit Scholar

Charles Sing (2020-2021)
Christopher V. Rao (2011-2012)
Paul J. A. Kenis (2007-2008)
Huimin Zhao (2006-2007)
Deborah E. Leckband (1999-2000)

Dow Chemical Faculty Scholar

David W. Flaherty (2012-2017)
Ying Diao (2015-2019)

Asterisk(*) indicates that the individual is deceased.