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Engineer Guy Bill Hammack releases new videos

Check out the new educational and entertaining videos from Engineer Guy Bill Hammack.

In his video on the drinking bird toy, Hammack, the Donald and Dolores Morris Professorial Scholar, reveals the operation and engineering design underlying the toy. He explores the role played by the water the bird “drinks,” shows what is under the bird’s hat, and demonstrates that it can operate using heat from a light bulb or by “drinking” whiskey.

Another new video explores Hammack’s book, Fatal Flight, The True Story of Britain’s Last Great Airship. The R.101 was a luxury liner three and a half times the length of a 747 jet. The British expected the airship to spearhead a fleet of imperial airships that would dominate the skies as British naval ships had ruled the seas. But that dream ended when, on its demonstration flight to India, the airship crashed in France, tragically killing nearly all aboard.

More videos can be found on the Engineer Guy’s YouTube channel; and at

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