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Flaherty Group postdoc wins prestigious research award in Japan

Congratulations to Dr. Takahiko Moteki who won the 2017 Outstanding Young Researcher Award from the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan for his work on ethanol conversion in the Flaherty Research Group.

The citation was for “Ethanol upgrading via cascade C-C bond formation reactions.” The work was performed with the Energy Biosciences Institute with financial support from BP.

Moteki was a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Flaherty’s group from October 2014 to October 2016. His research focused on developing strategies to form renewable chemicals and fuels from ethanol created by the fermentation of biomass. His work elucidated the reaction networks responsible for oligomerizing ethanol derived intermediates into larger species and demonstrated methods to control these networks to selectively produce either long chain alcohols or aromatic compounds.

Dr. Moteki is now an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical System Engineering at the University of Tokyo.

Congratulations Professor Moteki!


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