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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

ChBE Graduate Student Advisory Committee

The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department Graduate Student Advisory Committee (ChBE GSAC) is a representative body of graduate students that acts as a liaison between the graduate students and the administration of the department. We organize events such as the annual Graduate Research Symposium, providing students with a platform to showcase their research and enhance scholarship. We also assist with graduate student recruitment and arrange social events, such as academic networking, welcome week activities, a Thanksgiving potluck, and Halloween celebration. We also organize outreach events such as Toys for Tots, a food drive, and penny wars to create and foster the sense of community service.

2018-2019 Board: First row; Jiming Chen (Secretary/Webmaster), Zully Perez-Sierra (Symposium Chair), Danielle Harrier (President), Zeynep Ayla (External Vice President). Second row: Claudia Berdugo Diaz (Outreach Chair); Matthew Wade (Internal Vice President); Saket Bhargava (Treasurer); Edward Jira (Professional Development Chair).
GSAC 2018-2019 Board. First row: Jiming Chen (Secretary/Webmaster), Zully Perez-Sierra (Symposium Chair), Danielle Harrier (President), Claudia Berdugo Diaz (Outreach Chair). Second row: Zeynep Ayla (External Vice President), Matthew Wade (Internal Vice President), Saket Bhargava (Treasurer), Edward Jira (Professional Development Chair).

Board and contact information

2018-2019 GSAC Board

President: Danielle Harrier
External Vice President: Zeynep Ayla
Internal Vice President: Matthew Wade
Treasurer: Saket Bhargava
Secretary/Webmaster: Jiming Chen
Professional Development Chair: Edward Jira
Outreach Chair: Claudia Berdugo Diaz
Symposium Chair: Zully Perez-Sierra


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