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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Financial Support

All of our graduate students are supported financially for the full time they pursue their Ph.D. degrees as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress. Support can include research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships.


A wide variety of fellowships are available from university, corporate partners and federal, state and private sources.

Every year the department awards fellowships. Students also compete for national fellowships, such as those from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, the National Defense Science & Engineering Fellowship Program and the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to compete for these fellowships. International applicants are urged to seek fellowship support from their governments.

The Graduate College Fellowships Office provides assistance for finding internal and external fellowship opportunities.

The Sloan University Center of Exemplary Mentoring for underrepresented doctoral students provides financial support, mentoring and professional development opportunities.

Research Assistantships

Ph.D. students are appointed as research assistants to work on their thesis projects.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students work as teaching assistants for up to four semesters, typically during their second and third years. These appointments involve assisting in teaching chemical engineering courses, managing discussions or lab sections, grading, etc.

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