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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Graduate Courses

Courses numbered from 500-599 are designated for graduate students only; those from 400-499 are for both advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The courses marked with an asterisk are taken by all graduate students. More information about courses is available via the UI Course Catalog.

Courses often taken by Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate students:
ChBE 521: Applied Mathematics in Chemical Engineering*
ChBE 522: Fluid Dynamics
ChBE 523: Advanced Topics in Heat and Mass Transfer
ChBE 551: Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis
ChBE 552: Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Molecular Rheology
ChBE 553: Surface Chemistry
ChBE 565: Chemical Engineering Seminar*
ChBE 571: Bioinformatics
ChBE 572: Metabolic Systems Engineering
ChBE 580: Lab Techs in Bioinformatics
ChBE 594: Special topics. Various advanced topics; generally taken during the second year of graduate study. Typical topics include turbulence, hydrodynamic instability, process dynamics, interfacial phenomena, reactor design, cellular bioengineering, properties of matter at high pressure, and phase transitions. May be repeated.
ChBE 599: Thesis Research*
ChBE 421: Momentum and Heat Transfer
ChBE 422: Mass Transfer Operations
ChBE 424: Chemical Reaction Engineering
ChBE 430: Unit Operations Laboratory
ChBE 431: Process Design
ChBE 440: Process Control and Dynamics
ChBE 451: Transport Phenomena
ChBE 452: Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis
ChBE 453: Electrochemical Engineering
ChBE 454: ChBE Projects
ChBE 456: Polymer Science and Engineering
ChBE 457: Microelectronics Processing
ChBE 460: Process Development
ChBE 471: Biochemical Engineering
ChBE 472: Techniques in Biomolecular Engineering
ChBE 473: Biomolecular Engineering
ChBE 474: Metabolic Engineering
ChBE 475: Tissue Engineering
ChBE 476: Biotransport
ChBE 478: Bioenergy Technology
ChBE 494: Special Topics in Chemical Engineering (each is a different course): Chemistry and Transport in Microelectronics Processing; Bio-informatics / Metabolic Engineering; Optical Methods in Chemical Engineering Research; Dynamics of Complex Fluids; Open-ended Experimental Design; Reaction Engineering; Colloidal Interactions in Biotechnology; Global Optimization

Courses graduate students have taken outside the department:
Atmos. Sci. 502: Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Bioen. 498: Special Topics in Bioengineering
CHEM 442: Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 516: Physical Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 518: Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 522: Experimental Spectroscopy
CHEM 524: Electrochemical Methods
CHEM 544: Statistical Thermodynamics
CHEM 546: Advanced Statistical Mechanics
CEE 447: Atmospheric Chemistry
C S 400: Data Structures for Non-Computer Majors
C S 455: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
C S 533: Theory of High-Speed Parallel Computation
C S 558: Topics of Numerical Analysis
ECE 440: Solid State Electronic Devices
ECE 441: Physics and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices
ECE 444: Theory and Fabrication of Integrated Circuit Devices
ECE 455: Optical Electronics
ECE 488: Compound Semiconductors and Devices
ECE 532: Compound Semiconductors
ECE 545: Advanced Physical Acoustics
MSE 455: Polymer Physics I
MSE 460: Electronic Materials and Processing I
MSE 481: Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Theory
MSE 500: Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 582: Surface Physics
MSE 598: Special Topics in Materials Science
MATH 446: Applied Complex Variables
MATH 482: Linear Programming
MATH 484: Nonlinear Programming
MATH 489: Differential Equations II
MATH 540: Real Analysis I
MATH 541: Real Analysis II
MATH 553: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 556: Methods of Mathematical Physics I
MATH 557: Methods of Mathematical Physics II
MATH 559: Asymptotic Methods
MCB 421: Microbial Genetics
MCB 422: Microbial Genetics Techniques
MCB 430: Molecular Microbiology
MCB 550: Biomolecular Physics
MCB 552: Lab Techniques in Biochemistry
M E 471: Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
M E 551: Polymer Rheology and Processing
PHYS 402: Light
PHYS 404: Electronic Circuits I
PHYS 460: Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 479: Plasma & Fusion Science
PHYS 485: Atomic Physics and Quantum Theory
PHYS 504: Statistical Physics
PHYS 560: Condensed Matter Physics I
PHYS 563: Phase Transitions
PHYS 598: Special Topics in Physics
T A M 538: Turbulence
T A M 574: Advanced Finite Element Methods

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