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Graduate student receives FMC Fellowship

Working with super-resolution imaging tools to study nano-scale processes in bacteria and viruses is the focus of graduate student Utsav Agrawal’s research, who recently received a University of Illinois FMC Fellowship for 2013-14.

Agrawal, who is a member of Assistant Professor Charles Schroeder’s research group in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, said he is honored to receive this prestigious fellowship.

Utsav Agrawal is the recipient of a FMC Fellowship for 2013-14
Utsav Agrawal is the recipient of a FMC Fellowship for 2013-14

“It gives me immense pleasure and a deep sense of confidence that the selection committee considered me worthy of it,” he said. “This award will fund my research for the next year and apply a super-resolution imaging platform on biological systems that will enable us to directly visualize nano-scale phenomenon.”

The FMC Fellowships support masters and doctoral-level students in engineering, chemistry, business administration, and other areas related to the work of FMC Technologies, Inc. FMC is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry and was named by Fortune Magazine as the “World’s Most Admired Oil and Gas Equipment and Service Company” in 2012.

He says receiving this honor would not have been possible without the support he has received from his advisor, Schroeder. “He has not only continually supported and guided me in all my endeavors but has also been a firm source of wisdom and inspiration,” Agrawal said. “Schroeder’s lab has provided me with a highly conducive work environment to pursue my interdisciplinary research.”

He also said Dr. Christopher Rao, Dr. Hanna Walukiewicz, and Dr. Thomas Hope also have been instrumental in guiding his research. “Dr. Madhubalan Vishwanathan from the Illinois Business department has provided me with an unprecedented experience in leadership, product development, and outreach,” he said.

Agrawal completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biotechnology from IIT Madras in India in 2009. As an undergraduate he studied chemical engineering and biology.

He says he is interested in pursuing a career in research and development. “I would like to be continuously associated with the cutting-edge aspect of science and engineering,” he says. “I want my chosen path to reflect how efficiently I can use scientific innovation to address global challenges.”

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