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Graduate students garner awards

Congratulations to several graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering who have been recently recognized for their research accomplishments.

Xi Yin won a Silver Award from the Materials Research Society this month, Amanda Marciel won a first place poster prize at the American Physical Society’s March meeting, Ellen Qin received a Graduate Fellowship from the National Science Foundation and Patrick Corona received an NSF Honorable Mention.

Xi Yin (second row, second student on right) and fellow Silver Graduate Research Awardees
Xi Yin (second row, second student on right) and fellow Silver Graduate Research Awardees

Xi Yin, a graduate student in Professor Hong Yang’s research group, was recently honored as a Silver Awardee at the Materials Research Society’s spring meeting in San Francisco. The society’s graduate student awards recognize students whose academic achievements and research show a high level of excellence and distinction. The society also seeks to recognize students “of exceptional ability who show promise for significant future achievement in materials research.”

Yin presented his research on Hanoi Tower-like multilayered palladium nanosheets, which are composed of hexagonal atomically thin layers and rotated against each other. He revealed the molecular level formation mechanism of these hexagonal nanosheets by identifying the key intermediate—palladium carbonyl-acetate cluster. He also correlated the adsorption strength of this cluster on Pd surface with the hexagonal shape of 2D nanosheets, supported by DFT calculation results. His work implies that the design of such molecular building blocks can effectively control the morphology of nano-sized products. The results were published in NanoLetters and Angew Chemie.

Top poster

Amanda Marciel honored by American Physical Society
Amanda Marciel

Graduate student Amanda Marciel, who is currently a student in Associate Professor Charles Schroeder’s group, was recognized by the American Physical Society for her poster entitled, “Template-directed Synthesis of Structurally Defined Branched Polymer Architectures.” The poster received a first place poster prize at the 2015 APS March meeting in San Antonio. Marciel’s research aims to develop new polymers and block copolymers with precisely defined topologies for advanced materials applications. She received a $500 voucher to purchase a scientific textbook.



NSF Fellow

Ellen Qin
Ellen Qin

Congratulations to graduate student Ellen Qin, who was recently awarded a Graduate Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Qin completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona and is a student in Associate Professor Hyunjoon Kong’s research group. The NSF awarded fellowships to 2,000 individuals from among 16,500 applications this year.

Patrick Corona, a member of Professor Schroeder’s research group, was awarded an NSF Honorable Mention.

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