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Harley wins College of LAS Undergraduate Teaching Award

Congratulations to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering professor Brendan Harley for winning a College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 2017-2018 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Harley earned the award for his enthusiasm and clarity in the classroom, including his unique “journal club lectures,” a style of teaching that involves the use of current journal articles to build fundamental understanding of research techniques and current research in the field.

Associate Professor Brendan Harley
Prof. Brendan Harley

“As a professor I take a lot of pride in not only the research that my laboratory pursues, but also in my role as a teacher,” Harley said. “We strive to create an instructional program on this campus that inspires and trains future generations of thinkers and leaders across a wide range of disciplines. So I am very honored to be recognized with this group of exceptional teachers.”

Harley is a Robert W. Schaefer Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He also is a research theme leader in the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology. He joined the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Illinois in 2008. He received his SB from Harvard University in 2000 and SM/ScD from MIT in 2002 and 2006.

Harley, along with other recipients of the college’s annual teaching and advising awards will be recognized at a ceremony on April 18.

“We’re extremely proud to honor this outstanding group of educators and advisors,” said Feng Sheng Hu, Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of LAS. “There is no higher calling in the college than the enlightenment of our students, and this year’s awardees have carried out that principle in remarkable ways.”

In addition to Harley, the LAS Dean’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is being awarded to Robert Rushing, professor of French and Italian and comparative and world literature; Gisela Sin, professor of political science; and Renée Trilling, professor of English. The LAS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Instructional Staff is being awarded to Jeffrey Frame, teaching assistant professor in atmospheric sciences. The LAS Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants is being awarded to Bryan Abendschein, Department of Communication; Kylee Britzman, Department of Political Science; Valerie O’Brien, Department of English; Michael Perino, Department of Psychology; Nima Rasekh, Department of Mathematics; and Daniel Storage, Department of Psychology. The LAS and Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising is being awarded to Pamela Greer, associate director of the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office.


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