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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

High school girls discover chemical engineering through week-long camp

High school girls extracted DNA from strawberries, determined the best way to get grass stains out of material, explored nanoparticles, and more during this year’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering GAMES camp.

This year's campers for the chemical engineering GAMES camp
This year’s campers for the chemical engineering GAMES camp

GAMES or Girls Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science is an annual week-long camp designed to give academically talented high school aged girls and opportunity to explore engineering and scientific fields through demonstrations, classroom presentations, hands-on activities, and contacts with women in these technical fields. Camps range in topics from chemical engineering, bioengineering, computer science, aerospace engineering, and others. 

Led by department lecturer Dr.Jerrod Henderson and assisted by lecturer Dr. Troy Vogel as well as students and staff campers performed lab exercises while learning how chemical engineers impact the world.Chemical Engineering gives young women the opportunity to explore how alternative sources of energy are discovered, harnessed, used for constructive ends, as economically as possible, with the least damaging impacts on our environment,” Henderson said.

A group works together during the 2013 GAMES camp.
A group works together during the 2013 GAMES camp.

Throughout the week, campers learned how to be better problem solvers, to consider what could be “bottlenecks” in the process, and discussed the variety of careers for a chemical engineer. 

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