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Autumn Food Drive

Note: The Autumn 2018 Food Drive has concluded! Together we’ve collected a grand total of 769 lbs. (349 kg) of food, toiletries and pet food for hungry families in and around Champaign-Urbana. A very sincere thank you to all participants and to our partner, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. Each donation (big or small) will help make a real difference in our community!

Please scroll down to get more information about the drive and to see full competition results.

Each year, the ChBE Graduate Students Advisory Council (GSAC) and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department hosts a food drive to benefit the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, the primary food source for food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other programs working to feed the hungry in East Central Illinois. In keeping with tradition, the food drive challenge is a competition between research groups for the chance to win bragging rights and earn the ChBE “Food Wars” trophy! In addition, each donation grants entry to a charity raffle with prizes from local restaurants.

Competition Scores

Congratulations to the Harley group for winning both the overall and per-member Food Wars competitions! Second and third places for both awards go to Sing and Flaherty groups, respectively. Winners will be recognized at the winter reception.

Raffle winners will be contacted by e-mail to claim their prizes.


All donations benefit the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, working to combat hunger in a 17-county area of eastern Illinois. Champaign County’s poverty rate is greater than 20 percent and one out of seven individuals in Eastern Illinois struggle with hunger, including one in five children. Your donation matters! For more information, visit

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