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Professor Harley receives grant to continue biomaterial regeneration research

Assistant Professor Brendan Harley is the recipient of a Burroughs Wellcome Fund 2014 Collaborative Research Travel Grant. 
Assistant Professor Brendan Harley
Assistant Professor Brendan Harley

The grant will allow Harley to continue his lab’s research to develop a new class of biomaterial to facilitate regeneration of injuries to the tendon insertion within the rotator cuff.

“Injuries to spatially-graded tissues in the musculoskeletal system present unique, unmet challenges for the field of tissue engineering,” Harley said. “A major challenge in this endeavor is characterizing changes in the mechanical properties of such a non-uniform biomaterial during healing.”

The award will support Harley’s travel to Cambridge University (UK) to work with a colleague, Dr. Michelle Oyen, in order to develop new indentation-based methods to map spatial and temporal gradients in mechanical properties across soft biological materials.

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