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Schroeder group postdoc selected as winner in Nano/Microsystems Modeling Contest

Dr. Melikhan Tanyeri, a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Charles Schroeder’s research group, has been selected as a third-prize winner for the Fall 2011 Modeling and Simulation of Nano/Microsystems Contest, which is held by the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN/C) at the University of Michigan.

This NNIN/C modeling contest is an international competition open to all researchers in the field of nanoscience.

Dr. Tanyeri was recognized for developing a quantitative model to simulate the confinement of single nanoparticles in free solution using a new “microfluidic trap,” which incorporates active feedback control of fluid flow in a microfluidic device to trap particles or molecules. His results directly show that fine-scale confinement of single molecules such as globular proteins (~ 5 nm in diameter) or small nucleic acids will be possible for the first time using the microfluidic trap.

Importantly, his work is the first to apply fluidic-based trapping to the “nanoscale,” thereby enabling trapping for a new size range of particles and allowing for non-perturbative analysis of single macromolecules without the need for surface immobilization.

Dr. Tanyeri will be honored with a certificate and a cash prize of $300.

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