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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Twelfth annual graduate research symposium

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate students and members of the Graduate Student Advisory Council organized the 12th annual graduate research symposium that took place October 25.

The 2013 Symposium Judges (from left to right): Dr. Tim Drews, Professor Josh Ramsey, and Professor Subramanian Ramakrishnan.
Dr. Tim Drews, Professor Josh Ramsey, and Professor Subramanian Ramakrishnan.

During the symposium there were eight poster presentations and 10 oral presentations given by students. Those presentations were judged by three chemical engineering alumni who returned to their alma mater. Those judges were Professor Josh Ramsey, Ph.D. ’06 (Pack), from Oklahoma State University, Professor Subramanian Ramakrishnan, Ph.D. ’01, (Zukoski) from Florida A&M University/Florida State University, and Dr. Tim Drews, Ph.D. ’04, (Alkire), from OSIsoft, LLC.

This year’s winners of the 12th annual Graduate Symposium are:

Poster Presentations

First Place (tie): Todd Freestone

Advisor: Professor Huimin Zhao

Metabolic Engineering for increased production of the anti-malarial FR900098

First Place (tie): Danielle Mai

Advisor: Assistant Professor Charles Schroeder

Flexible Branched Polymers for Single Molecule Rheology


Third Place: Eitan Barlaz

Advisor: Professor Edmund Seebauer

Challenges in Defect Engineering of Undoped Titanium Dioxide

Oral Presentations

First place: Cartney Smith

Advisor: Associate Professor Hyunjoon Kong

A Bio-inspired Assembly Strategy for Formulation of Enhanced MRI Diagnostic Probes

Second place: Utsav Agrawal

Advisor: Assistant Professor Charles Schroeder

Super-resolution Imaging of the Bacterial Chemotaxis System in Bacillus subtilis


Third place: Vahid Mirshafiee

Advisor: Assistant Professor Mary Kraft

Protein Corona Significantly Reduces Active Targeting Yield

Other graduate students who participated in this year’s symposium are: Poster Presentations: Nicholas Clay, Prashun Gorai, Jacquelyn Pence, Daniel Reilly, and Tong Si. Oral Presentations: Laura Mozdzen, Matt Byrne, Mei-Hsiu Lai, Dawn Eriksen, Mayank Behl, Muhammed Oruc, and Tong Si. 

Bill Grier, a chemical engineering graduate student with Assistant Professor Brendan Harley’s research group, helped to organize this year’s symposium.

“The symposium offered a great opportunity for some of our students to showcase a portion of all of the exciting work that is under way in the department,” he said. “All three of our alumni judges enjoyed the opportunity to come back and interact with both faculty and students while also getting a chance to see the current state of the department where they spent so much time when they were graduate students.”

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