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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Current Students


Download a copy of the most recent Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Handbook, which contains a wealth of information, such as program objectives, graduation requirements, academic rules, advising resources, and much more.

Curriculum Information

The Chemical Engineering specialized curriculum provides two concentrations: Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering. Each concentration is based on a strong fundamental understanding of Chemical Engineering, however the Biomolecular concentration’s technical electives focus more on bio-applied processing and technology. The department also offers a minor in Biomolecular Engineering.

Some students opt to complete minors, such as in the Hoeft Technology & Management Program, while pursuing their Chemical Engineering degree. For additional information on minors, including on how to declare a minor, please visit the College of LAS page on minors. A list of minors is available here.

Academic catalog and programs of study

The Academic Catalog is the official listing of courses, programs, and degree requirements for undergraduate and graduate students. Graduation requirements and suggested sequences also can be found in the Academic Catalog. Graduation requirements are based on the year you start college. ChBE coursework-related graduation requirements have not changed since Fall 2011. The Academic Catalog website includes a suggested sequence of courses for chemical engineering majors. The department also has a printable pdf showing the suggested four-year program.

Course Explorer and course schedule

The Course Explorer lists the schedule of classes by term, plus a database of general education requirements in addition to other resources.

Technical Electives & Forms

Learn more about the Technical Electives Requirements for the concentration in Chemical Engineering and the concentration in Biomolecular Engineering.

Here’s a link to the Independent Research Projects/CHBE 297/397/497/499 form for students pursuing research in the department.

Here’s the link to the Independent Research Projects Form for students pursuing research in other department labs for ChBE credit.

Here’s a link to the Undergraduate Petition form.

Dates & Deadlines

Registration deadlines, graduation deadlines, add/drop course deadlines, advising schedules, finals.

Academic Advising & Career Services

Academic Advisers in the School of Chemical Sciences assist students on course selection and guide them through their field of studies.

The School of Chemical Sciences Career Services office provides guidelines, resources, and opportunities to students, whether you’re seeking a position in industry or higher education, or interested in a summer or semester internship, or co-op.

Advising questions: Who to contact


The Shell Tutoring Program in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering provides tutoring services for Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering core courses. Locations and times vary.


The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering awards merit-based awards and scholarships to undergraduates in recognition of their scholastic achievements and activities on campus. Sponsored by the department and alumni and corporate endowments, these awards and scholarships are presented to students every spring.

Additional resources:

Student Life

The department supports a variety of student organizations for professional development, outreach, and research and educational opportunities. Possibilities for involvement range from the award-winning student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers to an active Women in Engineering community, and many more.


In addition to participating in the campus commencement, graduating seniors in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering have the opportunity to participate in the departmental convocation during commencement weekend in May.

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