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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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At Illinois, our goal is student success. And for over 100 years, our faculty have been delivering a rigorous and innovative learning experience. Undergraduates could find themselves working on a pioneering research project with a faculty adviser, teaching chemical engineering concepts to grade school students, building a car propelled by a chemical reaction, spending a summer interning with a Fortune 500 company, and much more.


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Real-world design projects

A hallmark of the Illinois experience is the Design Across the Curriculum program, which involves Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering students working on practical design projects throughout their undergraduate years. For example, in CHBE 121: The ChBE Profession, students focus their design project on a chemical process accident and what must be done to avoid one in the future. The Design Across the Curriculum experience culminates in the two-semester capstone design and unit operations lab sequence. In CHBE 431: Chemical Process Design, groups typically design a process to manufacture a commodity chemical.

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Unit Operations Laboratory

As a core course for chemical engineering students (and one of the last classes taken before graduation), the Unit Ops Lab delivers hands-on experience for students before they head into industry or continue on in academia.
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Undergraduate Research

Students work alongside our world-class faculty and outstanding graduate students on a variety of research projects, from carbon nanoparticle-based photovoltaics to tissue-on-a-chip models of brain cancer. Learn more.

Co-ops and Internships

Cooperative education programs offer students the opportunity to perform real-world, chemical engineering-related work at a company. Students alternate terms of work with terms of school, working at least one semester and one summer with the same company for approximately 6-12 months total. Internships offer students one-time work experiences that typically occur in the summer. Learn more.

Study abroad

As a ChBE student you can fit an international experience into your schedule. You may choose to study abroad, intern abroad, or volunteer abroad. Our students have recently studied in Sweden, Spain, France, and England to name a few. Learn more.

Student organizations

Illinois is home to several social and professional organizations for chemical engineering students. They are also are active in chemistry and engineering-related organizations and those geared toward women and underrepresented students. Learn more.
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The department has a history of engaging in a variety of outreach programs for students of all ages and backgrounds, such as a summer camp for high school girls and an after-school program for underrepresented elementary students. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is also the departmental home for Engineer Guy Bill Hammack, William H. and Janet G. Lycan  Professor. Learn more.

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