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Searching a whole genome for one particular sequence is like trying to fish a specific piece from the box of a billion-piece puzzle. Using advanced imaging techniques, University of Illinois researchers have observed how one set of genome-editing proteins finds its specific targets, which could help them design better gene therapies to treat disease.
Some students have landed jobs with leading energy companies. Others will join international food and beverage companies. A number of other students will head to graduate schools this fall.
The University of Illinois Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering this week welcomed back Walt Robb, who received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering under Harry Drickamer in 1951.
New research from the University of Illinois holds promise for the treatment of vascular diseases, but it also has drawn some unexpected attention from a community of scientists who may not typically follow the latest developments in biomedicine.
On a recent Saturday afternoon, students and organizers with the St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy and their families and friends celebrated the completion of the program’s second successful year in Champaign.
Every spring, chemical and biomolecular engineering undergraduates at each class level receive scholarships from generous donations given to the department. Awards are distributed according to the wishes of donors. This year, $109,800 was awarded to undergraduate students at the annual ceremony. The complete list of recipients is listed below.
Walt Robb, '51 Ph.D., will visit the University of Illinois this month to visit with students and faculty and hold a book signing in Roger Adams Laboratory.
The University of Illinois Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is pleased to announce Notre Dame professor and ionic liquids expert Joan F. Brennecke as its 2015 Parr Lecturer.
Why is a soda can shaped the way it is? What's so great about stay-on tabs? Professor Bill Hammack "The Engineering Guy" explores the ingenious design behind the aluminum can, a "modern engineering marvel," in a new video.
At the University of Illinois Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, undergraduate students actively work alongside our world-class faculty on a variety of research projects. On Friday, April 10, over a dozen students presented posters on their work as part of the eighth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.