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Our faculty have been exceptionally successful in their research efforts, garnering many national awards in the past few years. Per-faculty research expenditures are among the highest at the University of Illinois, and more than half of our undergraduate students have a research experience with one more of the faculty.

The department’s research portfolio has recently evolved and now includes substantial efforts in areas related to biofuels — through the Energy Biosciences Institute, housed at the California-Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — and human health.

Faculty are doing research in the following areas:

Biomolecular Engineering and Biotechnology

Biocatalysis, bio-surface interface, bioinformatics and systems biology, drug and gene delivery, enabling microfluidic tools for biology, metabolic engineering, protein and enzyme engineering, tissue engineering.

Colloid Science and Complex Fluids

Asymmetric colloids, foams, gels, granular materials, lipid membranes, poly-electrolyte inks, polymer melts and solutions.

Computational, Process and Systems Science

Applied mathematics, bioinformatics, control, fluid mechanics and dynamics, global optimization, metabolic pathways, multiscale modeling, systems biology.

Energy Conversion Devices and Systems

Biomass conversion, catalyst design, electrochemical engineering, fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage, microchemical systems and devices.

Materials Engineering:
Surfaces, Biomaterials & Nanotechnology

Bio-inspired materials, catalyst synthesis, colloidal suspensions, corrosion control, nanolithography, nanomaterials, nanoparticle arrays.