Hourly Classroom Assistants and Tutors

  • Assist professors and lecturers with classroom responsibilities  
  • Tutor undergraduate students in chemical engineering core courses 
  • Hourly wage $16/hour

Duties and time commitments: Duties are dependent upon assignment and may include one or more of the following tasks. Classroom Assistants: assist in the classroom; conduct discussion sections; hold office hours; grade homework sets; and assist in the grading of reports, tests, quizzes, and exams. Tutors: facilitate customized tutor sessions to help students improve their understanding of core course materials. The total time commitment depends upon the assignment but is expected to be no more than 10-12 hours per week (not to exceed 10 hours per week on average).

Qualifications:  Undergraduate student applicants must: 1) be a chemical engineering student, 2) have completed or three or more ChBE courses before the application deadline, 3) maintain a high GPA (3.7 or higher receives preference), and 4) possess strong communication skills. Graduate students or students who have recently graduated from the ChBE program are welcome to apply. Degrees in disciplines similar to chemical engineering may be considered.

Application Materials to include: 

  • Completed application
  • Your class schedule and weekly availability
  • Current DARS report (PDF)

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis to fill vacancies or to be considered for subsequent semesters.

Please reach out to Departmental Assistant Jadii Rodgers for more information about these opportunities.