Student Job Opportunities

Now hiring Classroom Assistants and Tutors

Classroom Assistants are undergraduate students who support courses taught by ChBE faculty members. CAs provide classroom assistance; conduct discussion sections; hold office hours; grade homework sets; and assist in the grading of reports, tests, quizzes, and exams. General duties require 8-12 hours per week.

Tutors are undergraduate students who assist students taking a ChBE course that offers tutoring to help them better understand and master the subject matter. (Tutors must have completed the course satisfactorily to qualify.) Tutoring services are often offered for CHBE 221, CHBE 321, CHBE 421, CHBE 422, CHBE 424, and CHBE 440. Students may request to meet with a tutor through an online form (typically for a half hour to an hour). Tutors may work up to 10 hours per week.

Application Process

Undergraduate student applicants should be in chemical engineering and should have completed three or more ChBE courses, maintain a high GPA (preferably 3.7 or higher), and possess strong communication skills. Graduate students are also welcome to apply. Students from similar disciplines may be considered. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline for consideration for Spring 2023 is noon on Monday, November 28. Submit an electronic application package to the Department Assistant. The hourly wage is $16/hour. 

Application Package:

Contact the Department Assistant at with any questions about our classroom assistant or tutoring opportunities and duties. To discuss any concerns, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.