Financial Support

Funding your graduate degree

Students who remain in good standing, and continue to make satisfactory academic progress in the program based on their annual reviews, are guaranteed full financial support for the duration of their studies in the program.  This support includes a stipend that easily covers living expenses in the Champaign-Urbana area, paid tuition, and costs of research and supplies. Students are typically required to serve as a teaching assistant during three semesters of their time on campus.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students work as teaching assistants for up to four semesters, typically during their second and third years. These appointments involve assisting in teaching chemical engineering courses, managing discussions or lab sections, grading, etc.

Research Assistantships

Our Ph.D. students are appointed as research assistants to work on their thesis projects for the remaining semesters. A student may serve as a teaching assistant and research assistant within the same semester.

Additional forms of financial support

A wide variety of fellowships are available from our department, university, corporate partners as well as federal, state, and private sources. The Graduate College Fellowships Office provides assistance for finding internal and external fellowship opportunities.

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National Fellowships

Our students are highly competitive applicants for national fellowships. Our domestic prospective graduate students are encouraged to compete for these fellowships; international applicants are urged to seek fellowship support from their governments.

DEI Fellowships

Illinois Sloan Scholars Program

The Sloan University Center of Exemplary Mentoring broadens participation in advanced engineering, physical and mathematical science careers, and strengthens the talent pool in these fields while increasing equitable opportunities in the U.S. The grant supports doctoral students underrepresented in STEM. In addition to financial support, Sloan Scholars receive guidance from a team of mentors.

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SURGE Fellowship Program

This award recognizes outstanding incoming graduate students in The Grainger College of Engineering, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, plan to obtain a doctoral degree on a full-time basis, and come from communities that are underrepresented in engineering. The SURGE Fellowship is a 5-year fellowship program that combines financial support with opportunities for networking and community building.

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Mavis Future Faculty Fellows Program

The Mavis Academy was developed to train the next generation of great engineering faculty. Fellows participate in a series of workshops, seminars, and activities that cover various aspects of an academic career. Workshop themes include describing life as a faculty member, writing cover letters and CVs, preparing for campus interviews, and defining and achieving success as a faculty member.

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