Company Participation

Turn your engineers into leaders.

Based on feedback from industry executives, we have identified the most marketable and applicable skills from a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and an MBA to create a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program that is the best of both worlds. The M.Eng. will equip your engineers with advanced technical knowledge and business acumen while allowing them to keep their full-time employment. The result? Well-rounded employees who are ready to step into leadership roles at your company.

Solutions to high-value business challenges 

Our program provides practical experience to our students through a capstone project or internship. Companies can sponsor an internship or project, allowing you to see first-hand the capabilities of students while having them deliver needed solutions for your business.

Preparing next-generation leaders 

Graduates of the M.Eng. program will be prepared to succeed on the leadership track at your company, with a proven ability to solve important business challenges.

How your company can get involved

• Enroll early or mid-career engineers as part-time, online students;
• Provide intern opportunities for students;
• Propose business challenges for capstone projects;
• Participate in our industry workshops by providing mentors, advisors or case studies.

We would be glad to discuss the ways in which your company can benefit from involvement in the M.Eng. program. 


Hong Yang
Program Director
(217) 244-6730 



Jim Morris
External Advisory Committee Chair