Minor in Biomolecular Engineering

Biomolecular Engineering is a broad, interdisciplinary field that aims to engineer value-added biomolecules and biomolecular systems for applications in medical, chemical, agricultural, and food industries. Its practice ranges from the fundamental study of biomolecules and biomolecular systems to the design of cellular factories and artificial organs. The Biomolecular Engineering minor is designed to better prepare non-chemical engineering students for careers in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and biotechnology industries.

Students may fulfill the requirements for a minor in biomolecular engineering by completing the following course sequence. This minor is not open to students majoring in chemical engineering. Our students should instead choose the biomolecular engineering concentration if they are interested in biomolecular engineering coursework.

The Academic Catalog is the official listing of the program requirements that have been approved by the Senate. For more information about this minor, contact our department's academic advisors in the School of Chemical Sciences at scs-advising@illinois.edu.

Academic Catalog