Distinguished Alumni Lecture

Distinguished Alumni Lecture

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering’s Distinguished Alumni Lecture series began in 2004. Outstanding Illinois graduates, whether they be from the undergraduate or graduate chemical engineering program, deliver talks on their research programs and share insight on their careers.

Previous Lecturers:

2018: John Vohs (BS ’83) | Nano-Structured Metal Catalysts for High-Temperature Applications

2018: John Anderson (PhD ’71) | Then and Now: Chemical Engineering and U.S. Investment in Research”

2017: Jack McWhirter (BS ’59) | Chemical Engineering in the Wastewater Treatment World

2015: David Boger (PhD ’65) | From Boger Fluids to Environmental Rheology”

2011: Walt Robb (PhD ’51) | How Chemical Engineers Can Aave America

2004: Keith Reese (BS ’79) | Challenges and the Future of the Intel Global Supply Network