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Chemical engineers are tackling ever more complex, dynamic, and multi-disciplined challenges — including climate change, sustainability, aging infrastructure, food and water insecurity, supply chain disruptions, and cybersecurity. To realize innovations that can solve these complex and dynamic issues, our industry requires leaders who are capable of fulfilling three critical roles: (1) an innovative engineer, (2) a global businessperson, and (3) an effective manager of diverse teams. At the intersection of the three roles, high-value solutions will emerge.

Our M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering Leadership program strives to provide world-class training opportunities to meet the critical needs of industries. Our curricular framework leverages the expertise of The Grainger College of Engineering, The College of Liberal Arts &Sciences, and the Gies College of Business — all highly ranked schools by U.S. News and World Report — to equip students with the technical knowledge and business acumen to address complex problems and deliver results. 

Curricular Framework

The "Master of Engineering in Engineering with a concentration in Chemical Engineering Leadership" degree combines degree requirements, industry workshops, and a capstone course to prepare graduates to take their careers — and our industry — to the next level. Through our program's curricular framework, students learn how to integrate technical and business knowledge with decision-making and leadership skills to deliver opportunities in a rapidly evolving industry.

Degree Requirements

Our 34-credit program includes core technical, business, and leadership courses to prepare students to take the next step in their careers. Students without a chemical engineering degree are required to take three additional technical core courses (11 hours) to build their foundational knowledge. 

Industry Workshops

The program's two special topic courses (CHBE 594) are held as two-day workshops in the Fall and Spring where students meet with industry leaders and senior executives to learn how the skills, processes, and practices presented in the course materials have been applied in a wide variety of real-world roles and situations. 

Capstone Course

Our capstone course requirement can be fulfilled by a Professional Practicum (ENG 572) or a Capstone Project (ENG 573) where students solve a high-value problem for an industry client or employer.  Through these courses, students to integrate and apply all of the skills that they have learned in an experiential setting.  

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Master's of Engineering (M.Eng.)

34 credits

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