Shell Tutoring Program

Shell Tutoring Program

The Shell Tutoring Program provides peer tutors to help our undergraduate students master core course material in an open, informal setting. 

Fall 2023 Courses with Tutor Support: 

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Sponsored by Shell

“We are grateful to Shell for providing this tremendous resource for students to complement discussion sections and TA office hours,” said former department head Paul Kenis. "Our alumni have shared that this program helped them succeed in our chemical engineering program.”  

“These student tutors are developing strong leadership skills for their futures as they grow as effective mentors, while their peers are able to learn from them to excel in a field with ample opportunities to make a difference,” said Chris Beuerle, Shell lead for engineering recruitment at the University of Illinois.

"This type of collaborative environment and the level of dedication put forth by all those involved aligns with Shell’s values," said Andrew Lee, also a Shell lead for engineering recruitment. "It is just one example of why Shell continues to count UIUC among its core schools to find talent."