Hariklia "Lili" Deligianni


Hariklia "Lili" Deligianni

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award

Research Scientist, T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM

MS 86, PhD 88

As a longtime researcher at IBM, Dr. Deligianni played a leading role in solving numerous technical challenges in the electronics industry. She helped introduce electrochemical processes in solder bump technology, now a standard practice for joining silicon chips to packages. She also co-invented the copper electrodeposition process for on-chip interconnects, which revolutionized computer chips and allows computers to run faster. Thanks to her work, the microelectronics computer industry ultimately embraced and adopted electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering as a mainstream method for volume manufacturing of state-of-the art computer chips for devices from iPhones to high-end computer servers used for cloud computing in data centers. Dr. Deligianni is a recipient of a 2019 College of LAS Alumni Achievement Award.