Dejuante Walker

Dejuante "DJ" Walker
Dejuante Walker

Dejuante Walker is a graduate student in chemical and biomolecular engineering who is advised by Charles Sing. Their research group uses both theoretical and computational tools to tackle fundamental problems in polymer physics and develop design principles for bio-inspired soft materials.

Why did you choose ChBE for graduate school?
I chose ChBE for grad school for the near limitless career opportunities I can pursue afterward.

What is your favorite part about graduate school, so far?
My favorite part of grad school is being paid to do what I truly love—research!

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you?
To me, DEI means that everyone should be able to have great experiences and opportunities in all spaces regardless of their background.

Why do you believe having a diverse environment for graduate school is important?
Having a diverse environment in grad school is important for both research and the people doing it. For research because you want to have a diverse group of thinking to be able to solve problems effectively. For people because if you see someone like you succeeding, then you're more likely to think that you can succeed too.

What are some DEI initiatives that you take part in on/off campus?
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