Microdroplets, macro results: researchers pursue Energy Earthshots

10/30/2023 Jenna Kurtzweil

Written by Jenna Kurtzweil

Good things come in microscopic packages, according to the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology’s new DROPLETS project.

By packaging electrochemical reactions in smaller-than-standard serving sizes, interdisciplinary researchers aim to produce clean hydrogen, sequester carbon dioxide, and store renewable energies like wind and solar inexpensively and sustainably. Their project, called DROPLETS, received $4.5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science through its Energy Earthshots Initiative. 

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The project is led by Chemistry professor Joaquín Rodríguez-López. Additional investigators include chemical and biomolecular engineering professors Charles Schroeder, Paul Kenis and Hong Yang;  Qian Chen, the Racheff Faculty Scholar and an associate professor of materials science and engineering; Jeffrey Moore, the Stanley O. Ikenberry Endowed Chair Emeritus of Chemistry and a professor emeritus of chemistry; Christy Landes, the Jerry A. Walker Endowed Chair and a professor of chemistry; and Lisa Olshansky, an assistant professor of chemistry.


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This story was published October 30, 2023.