Bedekar receives 2023 Innovator Award


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Ashwini Bedekar
Ashwini Bedekar

Research Scientist Ashwini Bedekar has received the 2023 Innovator Award from the Association for Women in Science – Chicago Area Chapter.  The Innovator Award recognizes women’s innovations in science, technology, engineering, math or medicine. Bedekar was honored for her contributions to environmental biotechnology and bioprocess engineering.

Bedekar is a research scientist in chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Christopher V. Rao’s laboratory. Her research focuses on the biological conversion of methane using methane-eating bacteria (methanotrophs) to mitigate climate change and utilize waste gases. Bedekar has an appointment with the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology as a Visiting Research Scientist.  

The Association for Women in Science promotes women in science, technology, and engineering fields. They recognize women’s achievements in science and provide opportunities for women with scientific backgrounds. They will present the award to Bedekar at their Annual Awards & Networking Event in December.

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This story was published November 8, 2023.