ChBE graduate student selected to present at ACS polymer conference


Congratulations to graduate student Dylan Walsh, who was selected to present at the upcoming Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium.

The symposium, organized by the POLY division of the American Chemical Society, is held at the spring national meetings of the society to recognize outstanding graduate students in polymer science and engineering, foster networking and exposure, and help develop the careers of future leaders in the field of polymers.

Graduate student Dylan Walsh (left) and his advisor, Prof. Damien Guironnet
Graduate student Dylan Walsh (left) and his advisor, Prof. Damien Guironnet

Dylan is also one of four recipients of the Wiley book award who will be honored at the ACS POLY symposium.

A graduate student in Assistant Professor Damien Guironnet’s research lab, Dylan received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. He joined the Guironnet Lab in Fall 2014.

“We have developed an automated flow reactor that enables the production of ‘designer polymers’ which are polymers with any shape, size and composition,” Walsh said. “This research was enabled by bringing together reactor engineering, controlled polymerizations and mathematical modeling. This material platform can be used to help advance virology, drug delivery development and the creation of new self-assembling materials,” he said.

His talk, “Flow-enabled control over macromolecule architecture,” will focus on a new and improved version of the lab’s research that was highlighted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science earlier this year.

The work being presented is also in collaboration with lab of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Assistant Professor Charles Sing.

The annual meeting will be March 31 to April 4, 2019.

Congratulations Dylan!