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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Paul Kenis named Elio Eliakim Tarika Chair in Chemical Engineering

Paul Kenis has been named the Elio Eliakim Tarika Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineering in a ceremony honoring his success and leadership in the field. Kenis, head of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in his native country of the Netherlands before completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard […]

Congratulations to winners of the 2018 Science Image Challenge!

Congratulations to Jee-Wei Emily Chen, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate student in Professor Brendan Harley’s lab. Her image, “A Rising Moon Above the Mountain” was named winner of the School of Chemical Sciences’ 2018 Science Image Challenge. The annual research image competition is sponsored by the School of Chemical Sciences and open to graduate and undergraduate […]

ChBE Professor Diwakar Shukla receives NSF CAREER Award

Congratulations to Blue Waters Assistant Professor Diwakar Shukla, who has been awarded a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award. The award will provide five years of support for Shukla’s efforts in developing new algorithms and their applications to the field of computational biology. NSF CAREER Awards are prestigious and competitive awards given […]

Hong Yang named Richard C. Alkire Chair in Chemical Engineering

Hong Yang, a chemical engineering professor at Illinois since 2012, has been named the Richard C. Alkire Chair in Chemical Engineering in a ceremony honoring his commitment and leadership within the field. Yang is recognized worldwide for his contribution to the fundamental understanding and processing of nanostructured materials such as precisely controlled metal, metal alloy, […]

ChBE Professor Ying Diao earns NSF CAREER award

Dr. Ying Diao, assistant professor and Dow Chemical Company Faculty Scholar, has been awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for her research proposal, “Multiscale Assembly of Conjugated Polymers at Dynamic Reconfigurable Interfaces.” The National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development Program’s CAREER Awards are prestigious and competitive awards given to junior faculty who exemplify […]

ChBE GSAC launches food drive to benefit Eastern Illinois Foodbank

Each year the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department hosts a food drive to benefit the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, the primary food source for food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other programs working to feed the hungry in East Central Illinois. Your support matters! Join us to fight hunger in Eastern Illinois! In keeping with […]

In new video, Engineer Guy Bill Hammack explores shape memory effect and superelasticity

Bill Hammack, a.k.a., Engineer Guy, has released a new video in which he demonstrates the temperature-dependent shape memory of nitinol metal. He explains how “twinning” in the crystal structure of nitinol produces the memory effect and he shows a nitinol-based engine that is powered by temperature differences. He closes the video with a description of […]

Congratulations to winners of the ChBE Graduate Research Symposium!

Congratulations to winners of the 2018 Graduate Research Symposium! Organized by the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Committee, the annual symposium invites graduate students to present their work in the form of a poster or an oral presentation. Research areas include a range of topics, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, computational science, and energy […]

New, highly stable catalyst may help turn water into fuel

Breaking the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen in water could be a key to the creation of hydrogen in a sustainable manner, but finding an economically viable technique for this has proved difficult. Researchers report a new hydrogen-generating catalyst that clears many of the obstacles – abundance, stability in acid conditions and efficiency. In the […]

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